Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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The MobileFrame solution allows unlimited custom applications to be created without programming for any business need imaginable.  Once installed, your organization can take any business process and go mobile with it quickly and easily.

In addition to a completely configurable point and click screen design and workflow creation, all of our product suites feature support for rich data types like photographs, drawings, and audio as well as inherent support for devices like bar code scanners, digital signatures, magnetic stripe readers, RFID, fingerprint scanning, cameras, printing, and much more.

Creating a custom application has never been easier or faster.  The MobileFrame solution automatically handles the normal overhead of programming such as security, application and data deployment, device management, localization/internationalization, and synchronization.  In addition, the system automatically handles disconnected storage, protection from data loss, software updates, device driver recognition, deployment to multiple platforms and devices much more.

All of our products contains our unparalleled ease of use and friendly environment that doesn't stop at creating your application.  The system can easily be integrated into existing legacy systems using our integrated server workflow, external links, or our data connectors.