Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Engage Technology Solutions consulting services works with clients and technology providers to ensure the solutions we deliver help drive the highest possible performance in key business functions. This is accomplished by performing a business requirement analysis of how your current operations work today and also, what your future requirements will be. Here are some of the key components that have to be taken into consideration during requirements gathering: Current/Future Host System, IT Platform, Data Base Structure, Company's Vertical Market, Budget, Warehouse Layout, KPI, to name a few. This ensures the technology solution will fit within the operational environment while best meeting your organizational goals. 

Vendor Selection

We use various RFP/RFI criteria to help in vendor fact-finding and selection. When the vendor selection has been narrowed down we facilitate the meetings between vendor and client and the final Proof of Concept.

Inventory Slotting

We use sophisticated slotting/profiling software solutions that optimize product placement in Warehouse and Distribution Centers in such a way that operational productivity, space utilization and operational safety are significantly improved.

Facility Design

We partner with leading material handling vendors to provide you precise recommendations to improve your distribution center, and deliver an optimized facility design. Our process quickly identifies potential enhancements based on factual data and saves you time and money.

Hardware Selection

We work with you on the procurement of RF handheld devices, Printers and RF Networking.
We are an authorized Partner and Reseller of Symbol Technologies, Zebra, and Intermec, among many other key Technology Providers in the industry to provide the latest in mobility solutions.

Project Management

Engage Technology Solutions Service Group works with you in providing the following:

·     Implementation Schedule

·     Project Planning

·     Resource Planning

·     Weekly Status Update

·     Vendor Management

·     Change Management

·     Document Control

·     Budget Update

·     User Training